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Some PDF files are given for free, some others are for sale.

The free PDF files are given under a Creative Commons licence; you can share them, but not modify them.

The paid files are protected under the international copyright laws. It is forbidden to share them, modify them. Their conditions of use are described in the Terms.

Free PDF files download

  • You click on the “Download now” button and the PDF file gets loaded and displays. Magical 🙂

Sold PDF files download

  • To buy a PDF file, go on its page, then click on “Buy now”.
  • It leads you on a payment page entirely managed by Paypal. You can then give your Paypal account data or your credit card data (Paypal will take in charge the transfer between your bank and Story&Drama).
  • Validate the payment, the page gets reloaded while the datas are treated. It then sums up the order. You can click on « Go back to the shop » to come back to Story&Drama, your payment is done.
  • A few minutes later, you will receive an e-mail containing a 1-use download link, valid during 24h. (In case you do not receive this e-mail immediately, it is very likely that your e-mail service (especially Gmail) identified it as a “false positive” and placed it by mistake in its spam folder. Just check it in there.)
  • Click on the download link. This click runs a downloading process which lasts a few seconds in your favorite browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc).
  • The PDF file displays automatically, or you can go and open it from your usual DOWNLOADS folder.

That’s it, everything went well! Have a good reading! />

Any problem ? Use the contact form. Quick reply guaranteed.

Story&Drama / Ludovic Bablon

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